What size ball should my team use?
U5, U6, U7 & U8 – Size 3
U9, U10, U11 & U12 – Size 4
U13 & up – Size 5

Which fields will my team play/practice on?
Your team may practice on the BYSC fields as listed below for your team’s age group. 

U4/U5/U6 – Instructional fields U7/U8 – Fields 11A – 14B U9/U10 – Fields, 15, 16, 17, 26A, 26B & 27 U11/U12 – Fields 18, 28, 29 & 30 U13 & up – Fields 1 – 10 & 19 – 25 (See map of fields included in this packet)

How many players are on the field and how long is the game?
U4/U5/U6 – 3v3 (4 – 8 minute quarters) U7/U8 – 4v4 (4 – 10 minute quarters) U9/U10 – 7v7 (25 minute halves)
U11/U12 – 9v9 (30 minute halves) U13/U14 – 11v11 (35 minute halves) U15/U16 – 11v11 (40 minute halves)
U17/U18/U19 – 11v11 (45 minute halves)

Will we have goalies?

U4 – U8 will NOT have goalies. U9 and up will have goalies. Additional rules for U7/U8: Players must stay out of the Goal Area. During a game, if a child rules enters the goal area and makes contact with the ball the referee will call a foul and the ball will be awarded to the opposing team with either a goal kick or corner kick.

If the ball rolls into the goal area, but stops before crossing the goal line the ball will be awarded to the defending team as a goal kick.

Will we have a referee?

U4, U5 & U6 will not have a referee. The coaches will control the game. There will be no penalties or fouls. Simply remind the player of the rule if one is broken and play on. U7 and up should have a referee at each game. (Remember, if you have not provided a referee representative then you are not guaranteed to have a referee at your games.)

Will score/standings be kept?

Score will not be kept for U4 – U8. Score/standings will be kept for U9 and up.

Will the offside rule be enforced?

The offside rule will be enforced for U9 and up games.

Will my team receive a trophy/award at the end of the season?

BYSC does not provide participation awards at the end of the season. Parents may get together to buy trophies, medals, or other awards for their team if they choose, however this is not required. (U9 and up may receive an award from Spindletop if they are 1st or 2nd place. If your team will receive an award you will be contacted at the end of the season.) (NO TROPHIES/AWARDS WILL BE AWARDED IN THE SPRING SEASON UNLESS PROVIDED BY PARENTS/COACHES.)

Will we get uniforms and have pictures taken?

BYSC does provide uniforms and pictures for the fall season only. You will be contacted when your team’s uniforms are ready to be picked up. You or a representative from your team must pick up uniforms for the entire team. We will not hand them out to individual players. You will also be contacted with the date and time your team is scheduled to have pictures taken.

When will we receive our schedule?

Schedules should be available no later than the Wednesday before the first scheduled game. When schedules are ready you will receive an e-mail and they’ll be posted on our website (www.bysc.net). Also, please re-check the posted schedule each Friday in case any changes have been made.

When can my team practice and for how long?

Teams may practice twice per week. Your team may begin practicing no earlier than August 1st in the fall season or March 1st in the spring season. Instructional (U4, U5, U6) may practice no more than 2 hours per week before games begin and no more than 1 hour during weeks you play games.

What if it’s raining on game day?

Games will still be played as long as water isn’t rising on the field and there’s no lightning. Please do not automatically assume rain-outs! You may contact your director or check the frequently updated website and Facebook page.

What if two teams show up on game day wearing the same color uniform?

You may borrow pennies (scrimmage vests) from the concession stand. The coach will simply leave their driver’s license in exchange until the game is over and the pennies are returned to the concession stand.

What if no one on my team can make it on game day?

If your team is unable to attend a game please contact your Director ASAP. The other team will need to be contacted and we may be able to make other arrangements. Please do not cause another team to show up with no one to play.

What are the rules of play?

We generally follow FIFA rules, however slightly modified for small-sided play with the younger age groups. You can find these rules as well as modifications for small-sided games at www.stxsoccer.org Click on “Publications” at the top of the page then on “Administrative Handbook” on the left side of the screen. Next, click on the file for “General Rules of Play.”

Can I borrow or lend players during the fall season?

No. Since standings are kept throughout the fall season players cannot be borrowed or lent. This can only be done for a team going to play in a tournament.

If you have any further questions, please contact Questions@bysc.net

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