Team Pictures for Sept. 20 only -- other teams will be Sept. 27 -- Your Coach has the time!
PICTURE DAY                                                                                                                                                       SEPTEMBER 20th
Pictures will be taken in the CRIS QUINN INDOOR COMPLEX.Please have your parents arrive 15 minutes prior to picture time. Every child must have a picture form 

Picture Time  Game Time Coach Picture Time  Game Time Coach
7:10  8:00 AM BT EDGERLY 07/08 9:40  10:30 AM BT ARMSTRONG 09/10
7:00  8:00 AM BT HANNAWAY 05/06 B 9:40  10:30 AM BT DODGE 08/09
7:20  8:00 AM BT SKINNER 05/06 B 9:50  10:30 AM BT HARDING 09/10
7:20  8:00 AM BT BRITTAIN 00/01 G2 9:50  10:30 AM BT REESE 09/10
7:30  8:00 AM GC UNITED 01/02G LOVE 10:00  10:30 AM BT MCSPADDEN 09/10
7:30  8:00 AM BT HART 01/02 G 10:00  10:30 AM BT BERGERON 09/10
7:30  8:30 AM BT SMITH 08/09 B 10:10  11:00 AM BT BAXTER 0809
7:40  8:30 AM BT ROESLER 08/09 10:10  11:00 AM BT RODRIGUEZ 08/09
7:40  8:30 AM BT TAMAYO 08/09 10:20  11:30 AM BT CULLUMS 10/11
7:50  8:30 AM BT GALVAN 10/11 10:20  11:30 AM BT MILLER 10/11
7:50  8:30 AM BT HEINZ 09/10 10:30  11:30 AM  
8:00  8:30 AM BT GUZMAN 09/10 10:30  11:30 AM BT BEAVER 09/10
8:00  8:30 AM BT LUKE 09/10 G 10:30  11:30 AM BT PARKER 09/10
8:00  8:30 AM BT MILES 09/10 10:40  11:30 AM BT ALLEN 09/10
8:30  9:30 AM BT TRAVIS 10/11 10:40  11:30 AM BT BRANDIMARTE 09/10
8:30  9:30 AM BT HIRKO 10/11 10:50  11:30 AM BT BARNES 08/09 G
8:30  9:30 AM BT BULLARD 10/11 10:50  11:30 AM BT LEVENTRY 08/09 G
8:40  9:30 AM BT ROBINSON 10/11 11:30  12:00 PM BT GALVAN 06/07
8:40  9:30 AM BT DISHMAN 09/10 11:20  12:00 PM BT HEINZ 06/07
8:40  9:30 AM BT KNOTT 09/10 11:10  12:00 PM BT MOORE
8:50  9:30 AM BT WERNER 09/10 G 11:00  12:00 PM BT FAGG 06/07
8:50  10:00 AM BT CARLIN 06/07 B 11:00  12:00 PM BT TREME 02/03 B2
8:50  9:30 AM BT EDGERLY 08/09 11:10  12:00 PM BT DAVIS 97/98 B2
9:00  10:00 AM BT WALTON 07/08 G 11:20  12:00 PM BT KNOWLES 05/06 G
9:00  10:00 AM BT HANNAWAY 07/08 11:30  12:00 PM BT BEGNAUD 04/05 G
9:00 10:00 BT SKIPPER 03/04 B 12:40  2:00 PM BT MILLER 07/08
9:10  10:00 AM BT GERLAND 07/08 12:50 BT DURANT 00/01 B2
9:10  10:00 AM BT BUSH 07/08 G 1:00  2:00 PM BT CORREIA 06/07
9:10  10:00 AM BT CERVANTES 07/08 G 1:00  2:00 PM BT WERNER PURPLE 06/07 G
9:20  10:00 AM BT BRUSER 07/08 G 1:10  2:00 PM BT CORREIA 06/07
9:20  10:00 AM BT PIRON 04/05 G 1:20  2:00 PM BT KNUPPLE 06/07
9:20  10:00 AM BT AYERS 04/05 G 1:30  2:00 PM BT DE LA MADRID 05/06 G
9:30  10:00 AM BT LEDAY 04/05 B 3:00  4:00 PM BT WERNER ORANGE 06/07 G
9:30  10:00 AM BT GUPTA 03/04 G      
9:30  10:30 AM BT WILKINS 09/10      

Of course you do!  
Cool shirt, special socks, yellow/red cards for your pocket, you learn the rules and get paid while exercising and helping youth soccer!  

There are two "hybrid" Grade 8 Entry clinics scheduled locally in August.  The first part is on-line so the classroom piece is shorter (about 8 hours).
log on to http://www.stsr.org for course options

IF YOU ARE ALREADY A GRADE 8 REF, recerts will start in September this year.
Any questions?  As always, "Questions@BYSC.net"


Members of BYSC,

We are excited to offer you and your child a number of different options here at BYSC.  Some options differ depending on your child's age but ultimately it's your choice.  We wanted to take the time to explain our options:

Option 1 - Recreational Soccer (U4-U19):

Our recreational soccer program is a great introduction to soccer for ages U4-U19.  Practices are run by parent coaches - Individual players who additionally want to obtain professional training will have opportunities to also sign up for the Little Reds program, which is offered seasonally

Games are played in Beaumont on Saturdays - once teams reach the U9 age they may play some away games in Lumberton, Orange, Nederland or Fannett as necessary.  The Fall season runs for 10 weeks and the Spring season runs for 6 weeks.  Teams that do well can advance to District Championships at the end of the Fall Season.  Players can sign up separately for the Fall and Spring.

For more information visit www.bysc.net

If you have any questions about the recreational program email questions@bysc.net

Option 2 - Local Division 2 Soccer (U11-U19):

Our Local Division 2 program is designed for players who want a step up from Recreational soccer.  This is only available starting at U11.  Teams are formed through a tryout process which is conducted by BYSC and parent coaches who are required to attain a minimum of an "E" level Coaching License through the State Association.

Games are played in the Golden Triangle area against other Division 2 teams.  On Saturdays home games are played in Beaumont and some away games may be played in Lumberton, Orange, Nederland and Fannett as necessary.

Teams that do well can advance to District Championships and State Championships at the end of the Fall Season.  Players can sign up separately for the Fall and the Spring.  

For more information visit www.bysc.net

If you have any questions about local Division 2 email questions@bysc.net

Option 3 - Liverpool FC America (U8-U19):

Starting this Fall BYSC has partnered with Liverpool FC America to offer a professional select soccer program.  This program is designed for dedicated soccer players who want to learn how to take the sport to the next level and compete at a higher level.  The program is split into two sections - The Academy (U8-U10) and Select (U11-U19).  Players are trained by Liverpool FC America's professional soccer coaches/trainers.  Additional costs are incurred by players in the form of training fees for this professional service. 

The Academy program is available to all players U8-U10, teams are formed and coached by professional coaches screened by Liverpool FC America twice a week.  Players are expected to commit from August - May.

The Select program is available to players aged U11-U19, teams are formed through a tryouts and selected by the professional coaching staff.  Teams practice twice a week and players are expected to commit from August - May.

Games are played on Saturday in Atascocita (Northeast Houston) at the Lindsay Lyons sports complex - Academy teams will play in an exclusive Academy league and Select teams will play in the EDDOA league against teams from in and around the Houston area.

If you have any questions about Liverpool FC America email thomas.shenton@ liverpoolfcamerica.com

Both Liverpool and BYSC support the youth soccer community in Beaumont and the surrounding areas, and wish to provide youth soccer players of all ages, skill and experience levels, and socio-economic backgrounds with a wide range of options for their enjoyment of the game.

We encourage all parents to explore all options and attend tryouts for both BYSC Local Division 2 and Liverpool FC America.


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